Phase Monitor Relays & Different Frequencies

Three-Phase Monitor Relays


Do your Phase Monitor Relays work at both 60hz as well as 50hz? What is the tolerance at either value?


All Macromatic plug-in Three-Phase Monitor Relays manufactured after April 2014 & all PMD Series surface-mount Three-Phase Monitor Relays work on both 60 & 50Hz applications with a tolerance of +5%. This means they will work on any frequency from 47.5 – 63Hz.

The older PAP Series products manufactured before April 2014 also work on both 60 & 50Hz, but the under-voltage trip was set differently for either frequency. The adjustable under-voltage dial had two scales: one for 60Hz and the other for 50Hz.

Both the older PAP & PLP Series products were frequency insensitive, meaning they work on both 60 & 50Hz without any special consideration.

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