Replacing Obsolete TR-6 Series Time Delay Relays with T9 suffix

Time Delay Relays

Several years ago, Macromatic discontinued all non-standard configurations of the TR-6 series products, including the –T9 suffix used on the TR-61626-T9 (and other voltages as well).  

If you need to replace a TR-6162x-T9, product where x=voltage code (see tables below), you have two options to consider:

OPTION 1: Order a TR-6192U power triggered Off Delay product (click on catalog number in the table for more information).  It is still an Off Delay product with the same 11 pin socket configuration except for the trigger switch.  To make this unit work in place of the product with the –T9 modification, you must install a wire as a jumper between pins 2 and 5 on the socket as shown below.  Once that is done, this product will operate just like the older one. There are several additional benefits: first, this product is stocked by at least one of our national distributors (click the catalog number to see who stocks it); and second, it does not have a minimum order quantity as option #2 will have.

 Voltage Current Product Replace With Wiring Diagram
12V DCTR-61626-T9TR-6192U*Macromatic TR-6192U wiring diagram 
24V AC/DCTR-61628-T9TR-6192U*
120V AC/DCTR-61622-T9TR-6192U*
240V ACTR-61621-T9TR-6192U*

* NOTE: The new TR-6192U is universal voltage (24-240V AC/ 12-125V DC) vs individual voltages (12 or 24 or 120 or 240V).

OPTION 2: Order a TR-5162x-**T9, where x equals the voltage as shown below & ** equals a 2-digit code to indicate a time range from the second table below.  This product is a drop in replacement and does not require any re-wiring.  Because the TR-6 Series comes with 16 time ranges built-in, you will need to decide which single time range you require on the TR-5 Series products from the second table below, i.e., TR-51622-05T9 has a 0.1-10 second time range.

While the advantage of this option is there is no re-wiring, there are two disadvantages which make option #1 better: first, no Macromatic distributor stocks a TR-5 Series product with the –T9 modification, so it will have to be built at the factory with a 2 week lead time; and second, because it is a modified product, it has a 5 piece minimum requirement. Therefore, we strongly suggest using option #1. 

VoltageCurrent ProductReplace With
12V DCTR-61626-T9TR-51626-**T9
24V AC/DCTR-61628-T9TR-51628-**T9
120V AC/DCTR-61622-T9TR-51622-**T9
240V ACTR-61621-T9TR-51621-**T9
Timing Range Table

Macromatic’s technical support staff is ready to assist you with any questions to help you find and install a replacement for the obsolete TR-6162x-T9 product. Contact us.