Macromatic’s New TCF Series Drop-In Replacement for MPE’s PMR1 & PMR3 Has More Advantages

Posted: 1/13/17 | Seal Leakage & Over Temperature Relays

Tan plug with flat frontMacromatic's TCF Series Over Temperature Seal Leakage Relays are a drop-in replacement for the PMR1 PMR3 Pump Monitoring Relays from MPE. All of the products protect submersible pumps against damage from over temperature and leaking seals. All are designed to be deadfront-mounted on an inner door for easier viewing of the LEDs and accessibility of switches and buttons. All have the same size flange and mounting hole spacing and the Macromatic TCF Series will easily fit in the cutout required for the MPE units. All come with the appropriate 11 pin back-mounted socket.

However, there are a several major advantages of the Macromatic product:

  • Macromatic's TCF Series product is approximately one-half inch shorter than the MPE units. This smaller size could permit the use of a shallower less expensive enclosure. Or it could allow the flexibility to mount components on the back-panel under the TCF product vs. having to leave space open on the panel for the deeper MPE units.
  • Two-color LEDs on the Macromatic unit indicate both normal status and fault conditions for better troubleshooting. The Seal Leakage Over Temperature LEDs on the MPE units are one color and only indicate when a fault has occurred.
  • 24, 120 240V AC input voltages & two seal leakage sensitivity ranges to meet more applications
  • UL Listed with back-mounted sockets required for deadfront-mounting on an inner door
  • Full-featured, competitively priced relay
  • All standard catalog-listed products from Macromatic come with a five-year warranty. The MPE units have only a three-year warranty.

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