Time Delay Relays with Universal Voltage Reduce Inventory

Time Delay Relays

Macromatic’s classic TR-6 Series Time Delay Relays have undergone major enhancements with an innovative design making them ideal for a variety of applications. The TR-6 Series now offers the flexibility of an individual or multi-function Time Delay Relay. Their new universal input voltage and wide programmable time range can replace hundreds of different catalog numbers so inventory requirements are reduced. Users will also appreciate the TR-6 Series Time Delay Relays’ new microprocessor technology for improved accuracy and repeatability.  

The Macromatic TR-6 Time Delay Relays have universal input voltage and wide programmable time range.

Take a look at Macromatic’s TR-6 Series Time Delay Relay features:

  • Universal 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC input voltage
  • Wider time ranges—all products now have a delay range of 0.05 seconds – 100 hours 
  • Single or multi-function versions available
  • Three new multi-function versions now available
  • Easy range selection with 16-position rotary switch
  • 10A output contacts can handle most pilot duty and fractional HP loads

The fit, form and function of the new universal voltage TR-6 Time Delay Relays remain the same as the old TR-6 Series which makes converting seamless and easy.

The redesigned TR-6 multi-function Time Delay Relays are great replacements for the TRU Series products from SSAC or the dual function units from Schneider/Magnecraft.  Click here to search our competitive cross reference for the Macromatic equivalent of products from these companies.

Please note: The previous TR-6 design is obsolete and no longer available. For a Cross Reference of old catalog numbers to new, click here. Learn more about Macromatic’s TR-6 Time Delay Relays or contact us today.