True Off Delay Timer energized without input voltage

Time Delay Relays


The output relay appears to be already energized on my True Off Delay timer without any input voltage applied.  It was that way when I received it or I found it in that state during installation.  What happened and how do I fix it?


The TR-606 Series True Off Delay timers use a latching relay in the design of the product.  After final testing at Macromatic, the products are shipped in the OFF state, where the latching relay is unlatched.

However, a shock to the relay during shipping or installation or dropping it may cause it to change to the ON state, or latched position.  This means the N.O. contacts will be closed and the N.C. contacts will be open without input voltage applied.  

If you find the relay to be in this position out-of-the-box or during installation, we recommend that input voltage be applied for at least 100ms and then removed to cycle the unit to the OFF state prior to use in the application.  NOTE: it will take as long as the OFF Delay setting to reset the unit once input voltage has been removed.

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