What Contact Materials are Used in Macromatic Relay Products?

General Information

The selection of contact material in electromechanical relay contacts is crucial for two primary reasons. Firstly, each contact material exhibits distinct strengths and weaknesses, emphasizing the significance of choosing the most suitable material for a given application. Secondly, compliance with initiatives such as ROHS and REACH, aimed at reducing the use of specific substances, may impact the choice of contact materials.

The contact material utilized in each Macromatic product series is detailed in the accompanying table to facilitate informed decision-making in line with these considerations.

Relay Contact Materials
Product FamilyMaterial
ARP/ARFAgNi alloy
ATPAgSnO2 alloy
CAHAgNi alloy 
COHAgNi alloy
CUH AgNi alloy
COKPAgSnO2 alloy
CAPAgSnO2 alloy
CMDAgNi alloy
ISDAgSnO2 alloy
ISEAgSnO2 alloy
ISPAgNi alloy
LCPAgSnO2 alloy
PTAAgSnO2 alloy
RTAgSnO2 alloy
SFP/SFF AgSnO2 alloy
TCP/TCFAgSnO2 alloy
PCPAgSnO2 alloy
PLPAgSnO2 alloy
PAPAgSnO2 alloy 
PJPU-FA8XAgNi alloy
PMPAgSnO2 alloy
PMP-XAgNi alloy
PMPU-FA8AgSnO2 alloy
PMPU-FA8XAgNi alloy
PMPU-FA12XAgNi alloy
PMDAgNi alloy
PBDUAgNi alloy
PC1AgSnO2 alloy
TH4AgCdO alloy
THR-1AgSnO2 alloy
THR-3 AgSnO2 alloy
TR-5 AgNi alloy
TR-6 AgNi alloy
TD-7 AgNi alloy
TD-8AgNi alloy
TADSilver Alloy
TAAAgSnO2 alloy
TE-881AgNi alloy
TE-6AgNi alloy
VMPAgSnO2 alloy
VAKPAgNi alloy
VWKPAgNi alloy
VWKEAgNi alloy
TE-5AgSnO2In alloy