What is the difference between “UL Listed” & “UL Component Recognized”?

Posted: 5/20/19 | General Information


What is the difference between “UL Listed” & “UL Component Recognized”?


We are often asked several questions regarding our plug-in products & UL certifications:

Why are some products only UL Component Recognized instead of UL Listed”?


What is the difference between UL Component Recognized & UL Listed”? 

Apporvals are printed on the enclosures of Macromatic relays

Some products require additional components, such as sockets or crimp terminals, for installation. Since UL cannot control what specific components will be used for installation by the end user of the product, they grant Component recognition on the product instead of UL Listing.

UL defines this as follows: “UL’s Component Recognition Service covers the testing and evaluation of component products that are incomplete…”.

Macromatic products having UL component recognition have passed the same safety related product testing as those that are UL Listed, they simply need to be installed properly per UL requirements. This is most often achieved by completing the installation of Macromatic products with other UL recognized components. UL Listing can ultimately be granted to the final installation once it is determined, by UL, to be compliant.

Certain Macromatic products, including plug-in style relays, will be both UL Listed  and UL Component Recognized. In these cases, the components and conditions of installation required for UL Listing are specified and provided with the product. If alternate installation methods are used, the product still qualifies for UL component recognition but would require further evaluation by UL to obtain UL Listing.

For example, a Macromatic plug-in style product is shown in the photo. The appropriate socket for UL Listing is specified on the product nameplate just below the UL Listed mark. This indicates that UL has Listed the combination of the Macromatic plug-in product and the appropriate socket when they are used together. Also notice that the UL Component Recognition marking is also present. This means that if the Macromatic plug-in product is used with a socket other than the one it is UL Listed with, the product will still be UL Component Recognized. 

For more information concerning Macromatic products UL Listed with the appropriate socket, please contact us.