What size connectors will work with Macromatic sockets?

General Information


I want to use ring, fork, spade or other terminal connectors with Macromatic sockets.  What sizes will work? 


Our 8 pin (70169-D) & 11 pin (70170-D) sockets can be wired directly using stripped stranded or solid wire or by terminating the wire using ring and fork style crimp on terminal connectors. To determine the terminal connector sizes that will fit in the screw-down pressure clamps of these Macromatic sockets, use the maximum dimensions below as a guide.


The maximum outer diameter (width) of the terminal must not exceed 0.312”.  The screws used in the socket’s terminals are #6; ring or fork terminals should have inner diameter(hole) of not less than 0.138” in order to fit around the screw.  Any ring or fork terminal connector rated for stud size of #6 or larger should fit around the screw.

Most ring, fork, spade, locking fork, flanged fork, and block fork terminal connectors are compatible with our sockets, provided they meet the dimensional requirements above. Also, ferrules of nearly any size are fully compatible with these sockets as well.

For more information, please contact Macromatic.