DPDT 240V Voltage Monitor Relay

Side view of white monitor plug with blue button

For many years, Macromatic has been offering a SPDT 240V voltage monitor relay: the VMP240A. And for many applications, a SPDT output is sufficient. But what about applications that require two isolated output contacts?

The new VMP240AX functions the same as the VMP240A product but comes with a DPDT output. The extra output contact allows for voltage isolation on the output contacts without requiring a separate relay. If you need the control circuit to be at 120V AC and the alarm circuit at 24V DC, but want to save money and space, then this is the product to use.

Chart with lines and black bars

Both products provide protection to equipment where either an over or under voltage condition is potentially damaging. They are designed to operate when the monitored voltage reaches a preset value and drop-out when the monitored voltage drops to a level below the preset value.

The other main difference between the two products is that the VMP240A SPDT has 10A output contacts while the VMP240AX DPDT has 5A output contacts, which still should be sufficient for most control circuit applications.

The VMP240AX can be used in place of the ATC Diversified UOA-240-AFN the Littelfuse/Symcom 201-200-SP-DPDT products (click each catalog number for additional information).

Learn more about Macromatic’s new VMP240AX DPDT voltage monitor relay or contact Macromatic today at 800-237-7474.