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Macromatic designs and manufactures control, monitoring and protection products to manage your electrical processes and to protect your equipment from damaging fault conditions. With a 45-year legacy of high-quality products and outstanding customer service, we continue to introduce innovative solutions that help you be more productive and efficient.

When we say Macromatic is “Better by Design” we are referring to both the performance of our products and the exceptional customer service we give you – before, during and after the sale.

Macromatic has product in stock and short lead times on most other items. They are centrally located which cuts down on transportation costs and delivery time. They have a customer service team that is eager to meet your deadline requirements and get the products into your hands ASAP.

- Procurement Manager, OEM - Insulation Blowing Machines
I would like to commend your Engineering Manager for following up on a customer's feedback related to one of your products. He communicated with me in a timely manner. He also went a step further, suggesting a better solution for our customer's application. It was a real pleasure to interact with such a professional!

- Service Team Leader - National Industrial Supply Company
I sourced Macromatic's PMDU Phase Monitor Relays on the internet as an alternative to another brand I could not get for 12-weeks. I reviewed product specs and met with my staff who were okay with the PMDU. I then called three panel builders and each one said that Macromatic PMDU was a good choice. The PMDU is now our standard.

- Maintenance Superviser, Florida Municipal
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Why Customers Choose Macromatic

Made In The U.S.A

Eliminate supply chain problems with thousands of products built, stocked, and shipped from Wisconsin, USA.


Continuous product improvement by integrating new technology and manufacturing processes.

On Time Delivery

Company-wide teamwork with a commitment to deliver on-time, every time.

Customer Service

Engineering assistance and quick turnaround time on prototypes with the best technical support in the industry.

Knowledge Legacy

45 years of expertise and application experience for cost-effective solutions for your applications.

Learn About These Trending Products

Innovative Products to Improve Safety and Efficiency


Three-Phase Monitor Relays continuously monitor voltage faults to protect motors and other equipment from premature failure. These relays retain indication and monitoring even with phase loss.


Macromatic Seal Leakage Relays monitor shaft seals on submersible pumps. Over Temperature & Seal Leakage Relays protect pump motors against damage from both conditions. Select from models with plugin-in mounting or flange enclosures for mounting on inner panel doors.


Macromatic’s Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays provide a safe and reliable method to control loads (motor starters, relays) with input devices (switches, sensors, etc.) located in a hazardous area.


We offer engineering assistance for your unique applications, quick turnarounds on prototypes and the best technical support in the industry. Cannot decide which product is most suitable for your application? Need a custom engineered solution? Contact us now!

Helping Customers Be More Productive and Efficient


The new PC Series protects equipment against circuit failure and communicates voltage parameters via Modbus TCP. Real time alerts and historical fault data reduce downtime and service costs.


To protect the environment and provide safe water supplies, the water/wastewater industry relies on treatment plants to regulate the collection and treatment of water.


If you have used Macromatic products or had a good experience with our sales and support team, please share your thoughts. We would love to add your testimonial to our website. We can promote you and your company, or you can choose to submit anonymously.

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Unboxing the Macromatic PC1 Relay
with Communication

This new Three-Phase Monitor Relay communicates fault parameters via Modbus TCP. The ethernet port allows connection to industrial networks or direct to a computer or laptop. Here is a detailed look at the device that will empower your control system!

The Latest News & Knowledge

Learn about new products, new solutions and technical tips

Macromatic Knowledge Base Articles

Macromatic Protects Motor From Premature Failure

Macromatic redesigns DIN-rail Mounted Three-Phase Monitor Relay to protect equipment from voltage faults. Macromatic redesigned the PMD Series, a Three-Phase Monitor Relay for DIN-rail mounting, which provides protection for motors from phase loss, phase reversal, undervoltage, overvoltage and phase unbalance conditions along with rapid cycling. PMD Series Three-Phase Monitor Relay

Macromatic Knowledge Base Articles

New Liquid Level Control Relays

The new LCP Series Liquid Level Control Relays are now available to compete with offerings from SSAC, Crouzet NCC. Liquid Level Control Relays detect control levels of conductive liquids such as fresh water, sea water, sewage coffee. The conductive properties of the liquid complete a circuit between a probe or probes and

Macromatic Knowledge Base Articles

The Only Time Delay Relay You Really Need

The TE-8816U is the one time delay relay that should be on your shelves. Here’s why: The TE time delay relays comes in a compact 17.5mm DIN-rail. The compact footprint allows for easy installation for OEM panels as well as retrofitting larger legacy timers in the field.  This footprint can

Macromatic Knowledge Base Articles

Reduce Panel Costs with 17.5mm Relays

OEMs building electrical control panels are always looking for ways to reduce their costs.  One method is to utilize smaller components, which could result in using smaller enclosures, which are normally the most expensive part.   Macromatic recently introduced a new line of 17.5mm products, which could help lower the

Macromatic Knowledge Base Articles

Reduce panel costs with 17.5mm relays

OEMs building electrical control panels are always looking for ways to reduce their costs. One method is to utilize smaller components, which could result in using smaller enclosures, which are normally the most expensive part. Macromatic recently introduced a new line of 17.5mm products, which could help lower the cost

Macromatic Knowledge Base Articles

Competitive Cross Reference Updated with Expanded Listings for MPE & Flygt Products

Macromatic has expanded our online competitive cross reference to add more products from Motor Protection Electronics (MPE) & Flygt (Xylem).  Now, you can find even more Macromatic equivalents for MPE and Flygt products such as three-phase monitor relays, alternating relays, voltage monitor relays, intrinsically safe relays & time delay relays.  As always, if you