Inner Door-Mounted Alternating Relays from Macromatic

Side view of tan plug with black switch

All plug-in alternating relays have an optional top-mounted switch that can lock the unit to LOAD 1 or LOAD 2 to help balance the usage of both pumps or compressors. But, in order to change the status of the switch, you have to open the inner door and reach in where many high voltage products are mounted. Not an ideal or safe situation.

That is, until now.  Macromatic introduces our new ARF Series alternating relays for mounting on the inner door. Now the top-mounted switch is accessible without having to open the door.

The ARF Series is available in both SPDT output and DPDT cross-wired output with control voltages of 12, 24 120V AC/DC and 240V AC.

Macromatic’s ARF Series is ideal for the control of two loads that are initiated by a control switch, such as a float switch, manual switch, timing relay, pressure switch, or other isolated contact.

Why Choose Macromatic’s ARF Series?

  • ALTERNATE | LOAD 1 | LOAD 2 switch accessible from front on a closed inner door—no opening the door and reaching in to change relay status
  • LOAD 1 LOAD 2 status LEDs are now visible on inner door and replace costly need for mounting and wiring separate pilot lights
  • Fits in the same cutout as the Flygt MINI-CAS, MPE PMR Series, Macromatic TCF Series Macromatic SFF Series products
  • Macromatic’s ARF Series is UL Listed when used with the back-mounted sockets provided with the relay
  • All standard catalog-listed products from Macromatic come with a five-year warranty
  • No one else offers such a product!

Learn more about Macromatic’s ARF Series Alternating Relays or contact Macromatic at 800-238-7474.