Reduce Panel Costs with 17.5mm Relays

OEMs building electrical control panels are always looking for ways to reduce their costs.  One method is to utilize smaller components, which could result in using smaller enclosures, which are normally the most expensive part.  

Macromatic recently introduced a new line of 17.5mm products, which could help lower the cost of control panels.  There are several advantages of using 17.5mm products:

Compact Size

  • 17.5mm width reduces panel space requirements, which allows use of smaller and less expensive enclosures
  • These products are interchangeable with commonly available complementary products

DIN-Rail Mounting

  • Simple snap-on installation to 35mm DIN-rail without tools and screws saves time and money
  • They complement other DIN rail-mounted products in enclosure
  • Offers a secure installation for vibration applications

Meets DIN 43880 Enclosure Standard

  • This ensures the relay provides a common design appearance with other components
  • Terminal markings same as similar products, which simplifies wiring when replacing other products
  • This design is optimized for door-in-door installation allowing safe setup of products with power applied (per DIN)

Macromatic offers both Time Delay Relays and Voltage Monitor Relays in 17.5mm mounting configurations.