The Only Time Delay Relay You Really Need

TE-8816U Macormatic Time Delay Relay

The TE-8816U is the one time delay relay that should be on your shelves.  Here’s why:   

  • 12-240VAC/DC voltage ranges.  The most commonly used controls voltages are 120VAC and 24VDC.  It is rare to see any control systems that would fall outside 12-240VAC/DC voltage ranges.  Use this one part number with its wide voltage range to control the majority of your timing applications. One part number to meet your control voltage needs!
  • The unit has 10 field selectable functions which will cover over 97% of timing applications.  Common functions such as on delay, off delay, repeat cycle, interval, one shot, on/off delay are included.  The unit also includes less common functions.  In addition, the timing function on the unit can be disabled to simply provide an on/off relay circuit.  One part number to meet your timing function needs! 
  • The selectable time delay with 8 selectable ranges from 0.1 seconds to 10 days covers over 98% of the timing applications available in the market.  One part number to cover all your timing ranges!

The TE time delay relays comes in a compact 17.5mm DIN-rail. The compact footprint allows for easy installation for OEM panels as well as retrofitting larger legacy timers in the field.  This footprint can also reduce the overall space requirements resulting in smaller enclosures which can be a cost savings to the user.

The TE series time delay relay from Macromatic has the voltage range, functionality and space saving features to be the one time delay relay to meet your needs.