Management Team Shares Goal to Make Customers Successful

Creating value for your control systems

The Macromatic team works daily to help customers be more productive and efficient. 

Sales and Marketing is the voice of the customer, consistently delivering an enjoyable and impactful customer experience. Engineering has made “better by design” their mission. Innovation, design for manufacturability, and a strong customer focus has led to new and improved Macromatic products.

Material & Quality Control strives for continual improvement to provide customers with a delightful experience. The Manufacturing team is proud of our company culture that gives employees the  freedom to perform their best and positively impact customers.

In May 2019, when Macromatic was purchased by our management group, President & CEO Steve Sundlov stated: “I’m extremely excited to be involved in the next phase of Macromatic. Customers that deal with us today love us. Sometimes I feel we are one of the best kept secrets in the market.”

My job is to expand the Macromatic brand to a larger portion of the industrial market. Customers that deal with us today, love us. Sometimes I feel we are one of the best kept secrets on the market.

- Steve Sundlow, President & CEO, Macromatic
Determining the right strategy is crucial, but executing around the counter actions of your competitor determine whether you win or loose. This is a must for our Sales and Marketing department to deliver exceptional customer value over our competitors.

- Tim Burns, VP Sales & Marketing, Macromatic
You have to be creative and push yourself, failure is not an option. The obstacles are great, but so is our resolve. I look forward to the challenge.

- Eric Horwath, Engineering Manager, Macromatic
My role requires collaboration with the entire team at Macromatic. Macromatic has a great company culture that gives you the freedom to perform your best and positively impact all aspects of the business.

- Wade Nelson, Materials and Quality Control Manager, Macromatic
My passion is working with our manufacturing group to continuously introduce better processes and new technology, to meet increasing customer requirements with on-time delivery.

- Scott Buettner, Manufacturing Manager, Macromatic
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Meet The Macromatic Management Team

President & CEO

Steven Sundlov

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Tim Burns

Materials & Quality Control Manager

Wade Nelson

Engineering Manager

Eric Horwath

Manufacturing Manager

Scott Buettner

Non-Executive Chairman

Christopher Curtis


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