Time Delay Relays

True Off Delay Timer energized without input voltage

Wednesday: November 1, 2017

Issue: The output relay appears to be already energized on my True Off Delay timer without any input voltage applied.  It was that way when I received it or I found it in that state during installation.  What happened and how do I fix it?

Macromatic's TR-6 Series Time Delay Relays Redesign

Wednesday: February 22, 2017

The Macromatic TR-6 Series Time Ranger programmable time delay relays have gone through an extensive redesign that was introduced in February 2017. 

Wiring Control (Trigger) Switches from Multiple Time Delay Relays in Parallel

Tuesday: February 21, 2017

Issue #1: I have the control switches from 5 separate OFF Delay time delay relays from other manufacturers wired in parallel so one switch can operate all 5 at once.  However, when I replaced one of the original units with yours, the Macromatic product operated once and then stopped working.  What’s wrong?

Differences Between the Obsolete SS-5 & SS-6 Series Time Delay Relays vs. Current TR-5 & TR-6 Series

Monday: February 13, 2017

The SS-5 Series and SS-6 Series of plug-in time delay relays were manufactured by Macromatic through the summer of 1999. At that time, they were replaced by the TR-5 & TR-6 Series, the next generation of Macromatic plug-in time delay relays. The TR-5 Series was further updated in 2012 and a redesigned TR-6 Series was introduced in 2017 with major changes.

Application: Bypass Timer

Thursday: September 15, 2016

The THS-1054A series offers accurate and reliable operation as a Low Pressure Switch Bypass or “Bypass Timer”. The time delay relay operates over a wide temperature range making it a good choice for winterstart applications having low ambient startup temperatures.

How do I set the THL-8 Series Time Delay Relay?

Monday: May 2, 2016

Issue: How do I set the THL-8 Series Time Delay Relay?

Solution: All THL-8 Series products come with a specific single time delay range as indicated on the nameplate and by the two-digit code at the end of the Product Number.  Setting the time delay is accomplished through the use of a 10-position DIP-switch.

Replacing Obsolete TR-6 Series Time Delay Relays with T9 suffix

Friday: April 22, 2016

Issue: I am using a TR-61626 Programmable Time Delay Relay with a special pin configuration with the trigger switch between pins 7 and 10 that needs to be replaced but now I am told it is no longer available.  What can I do?

Understanding Time Delay Relay Functions

Tuesday: December 1, 2015

Issue: What is the difference between On Delay, Off Delay, Single Shot, Interval On and all these other time delay functions? Solution/Resolution: Understanding the differences between all the functions available in time delay relays can sometimes be a daunting task. When designing circuits using time delay relays, questions such as what initiates a time delay relay,

What is a True Off Delay Timer?

Monday: November 30, 2015

Issue: What is the difference between an "Off Delay" & a "True Off Delay" time delay relay, and when is the True Off Delay function used? Solution/Resolution: Pneumatic time delay relays worked great, but they were normally very large & very expensive.  In addition, they were only available in two functions: On Delay with Normally 

Time Delay Relay Functions w/ Different ON & OFF Times

Wednesday: November 4, 2015

Issue: I have noticed that most time delay relays with functions such as Repeat Cycle, Delayed Interval & ON/OFF Delay have as standard the same range available for both ON & OFF times. I need a 5 second ON time and a 30 minute OFF time, but no available one range covers both times. What

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