What are Pilot Duty Ratings and which Macromatic products have them?

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What are Pilot Duty Ratings and which Macromatic products have them?


A pilot duty rating is a contact rating intended for contacts that control the coil of another relay or contactor. These ratings are applicable when controlling loads like relay coils, contactor coils, solenoids, and other similar inductive loads. Contacts with a pilot duty rating have passed standardized testing to prove they can reliably control a pilot duty load. The highly inductive nature of pilot duty loads is hard on contacts; controlling pilot duty loads using contacts not rated accordingly can cause premature failure and improper contact operation. For more detailed information on applying pilot duty ratings in your application, see How to Apply Pilot Duty Ratings.

Product Series with Pilot Duty Ratings:

Macromatic Series Pilot Duty Rating
TR-5, TR-6, TD-7, TD-8, CM, CU, CO, CAH, COH, CUH, VM (only 12-120V), VA (only 12-120V), VW (only 12-120V), VWKE (only B300), ARP, PMD B300, R300 (N.O.)
PMP, PAP, PLP PCP, ATP, VAKP (240 & 480V), VWKP (240 & 480V), VMP (240 & 480V) C300

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