Relays Control and Protect Systems for Efficient and Safe Operation

Manufacturers of HVAC equipment use relays to protect and control critical system components. The correct sequencing and timing of fans, blowers, condensers, pumps, and compressors ensures efficient and safe operation. Relays also protect the motors in these systems from adverse conditions providing reduced downtime, lower operating costs, and extended life.

Cost-effective Macromatic Relays used HVAC applications to:

  • Control the start of the fan or blower to allow time for the system to reach temperature.
  • Control multiple loads during startup or after a power outage.
  • Protect compressors and blower motors from adverse voltage conditions.

Common Challenge

In many HVAC applications, the equipment and controls are subject to harsh environmental conditions. By its very nature, HVAC system may need to operate in extreme temperature and humidity ranges. When designing equipment and control circuits engineers focus on selecting correct products. The objective is to prevent premature failures resulting from these extreme temperature swings or through corrosion/short circuit faults due to the exposure to atmospheric water. HVAC companies also look to Macromatic for:

  • Time Delay Relays easily programmed for flexibility and accuracy.
  • Three-Phase Voltage Monitor Relays to protect equipment from voltage faults.
  • Alternating Relays to control multiple loads and protect circuits during startup.

Our Solution

Macromatic offers a broad range of fully encapsulated time delay relays designed specifically for demanding HVAC applications. Twenty different timing functions are available with multiple supply voltage inputs. These relays are available with ether relay or solid-state outputs. They are fully potted to protect the electrical components from atmospheric conditions. The result is extended life with reduced downtime and lower costs.

Relay Solutions

Relays for HVAC Equipment Reduce Downtime and Extend Life


Three-Phase Monitor Relays continuously monitor voltage faults to protect motors and other equipment from premature failure. These relays retain indication and monitoring even with phase loss.


Macromatic offers a wide variety of AC & DC current sensing relays (sometimes referred to as a current monitor relay). These relays are used in applications requiring protection of sensitive or expensive equipment against over – or – under current conditions.


Macromatic offers a wide variety of time delay relays (sometimes referred to as timing relays or timers). First choose the type of mounting configuration required for your application and then select from a variety of functions, time setting methods & output configurations.


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