Macromatic Obsoletes SS-6 & SS-8 Time Delay Relays

Posted: 6/17/16 | Time Delay Relays

Due to an upcoming component obsolescence, Macromatic has obsoleted the Compact Time Delay Relays, SS-6 and SS-8. 

Macromatic's TR-5 Series is an ideal replacement for the obsolete products and most are stocked at one of Macromatic's authorized distributors.  The TR-5 Series has the same functions, input voltages and time ranges as the SS-6 & SS-8 products. Search below for the exact equivalent product to replace the SS-6 or SS-8 Series product you are currently using.

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Please note that the TR-5 Series products are taller and wider than the SS-6 and SS-8 Series products, so carefully check the dimensions shown on the technical documentation to ensure the equivalent product will fit in the same space as the smaller SS-6 and SS-8 Series Time Delay Relays. Also, note that the trigger switch for SS-8 off delay and single shot functions is connected to pins 7 & 8. On the 8 pin TR-5 Series equivalents, it is connected to pins 5 & 6. Therefore, some simple rewiring of the trigger switch will be required. Use the table below to view the major differences between the SS-6 and SS-8 Series products and the equivalent TR-5 Series products:

SS-6 & SS-8 Series TR-5 Series


Macromatic SS-6 Series Time Delay Relay Macromatic TR-5 Time Delay Relay





 ENCLOSURE: Macromatic Compact Time Delay Relays
All Dimensions in Inches (Millimeters)


Macromatic TR-5 Compact Time Delay Relay

All Dimensions in Inches (Millimeters)



 Potentiometer Knob

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 Output Contacts:

  On Delay & Interval On

  Off Delay &   Single Shot