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An expanding video collection makes it easy to learn about Macromatic and our products. How can our control products help your processes operate safely and more efficiently? What unique benefits do they offer your application? Check out our new series of engaging unboxing videos that reveal product’s features and benefits.

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Macromatic’s Three-Phase Monitor Relays

Macromatic’s Three-Phase Monitor Relays protect motors and equipment from extensive damage from phase reversal, phase unbalance, phase loss, undervoltage and overvoltage.

Unboxing the Macromatic PC1 Relay with Communication

This new Three-Phase Monitor Relay communicates fault parameters via Modbus TCP. The ethernet port allows connection to industrial networks or direct to a computer or laptop. Here is a detailed look at the device that will empower your control system!

New Macromatic Building - Time Lapse Video

Macromatic Industrial Controls, Inc. has moved its operations to a larger facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A new building, at 2201 Corporate Drive, includes expanded offices, engineering, and manufacturing facilities.

Macromatic Corporate Video

For over 45 years, the Macromatic team has been engineering and manufacturing industrial relays to control electrical processes and protect equipment.

Macromatic’s Voltage Monitor Relay Video

Macromatic’s Voltage Monitor Relays protect equipment from damaging voltage conditions. The Voltage Monitor Relays are available in two functions: Over/Under Voltage Monitor Relays and Voltage Band Relays.

Macromatic’s 17.5mm Modular Relays Video

Macromatic’s 17.5mm modular products are available as a Time Delay Relay and Voltage Monitor Relay. Both are panel space-savers. Macromatic’s 17.5mm modular relays are easy to install, save money and are ideal for OEMs.

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